Things to carry on an African Safari

Things to carry on an African Safari

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Are you planning your first Africa safari? This being your first safari in Africa you might be wondering what is necessary to bring with you. I’m going to make that decision easier for you by giving you a list of things you’ll need. This will save you from carrying unnecessary things and leaving behind the necessary ones.

Here we go;

  1. Important documents

Well, this might seem like an obvious one but believe me, some people forget to pack their travel documents. Especially those that need photocopies, make sure you have the photocopies (several of them just in case you lose one) with you. This is a new country and you might probably have no time to look for printing/photocopy shops. Pack your Visa, passport, a copy of your passport, airline ticket, International health card with immunizations, travel and medical insurance.

  1. Clothing

Most of the countries in Africa are hot. This means that your clothes should be mostly lightweight. Shorts, t-shirts and free dresses (for ladies) will do. However, carrying one or two jackets/sweaters will be good plus a pair of gloves and a scarf. Evenings can be cold; especially if you are going on a camping safari. Do not carry a change of clothes for each day. Most hotels/lodge/camps provide laundry services. Remember, your clothes should not be camouflage; anything (jungle) green is considered camouflage and is not allowed in the parks.

A wide-brimmed hat is essential. This will protect your face from the scorching sun. Preferably, wear a hat that has straps to keep it from flying out in the wind. A pair of sunglasses also comes in handy. You can pack two or three pairs just in case one breaks. However, you can buy sunglasses anywhere in the African towns. I also recommend a bandana/headscarf for ladies.

For shoes, park a pair of safari boots for game drives/walks. Sports shoes can also do in place of the safari boots. A pair of sandals is also necessary. After a long game drive in closed shoes, you will want your feet to cool down and enjoy fresh air. Sandals are also essential for a stroll in the African cities. Do not pack slippers. These will be provided at the hotel/lodge. When it comes to shoes, comfortable is key. Do not buy new shoes that you will wear for the first time on the safari. Carry shoes that you’ve won several times and are sure they are comfortable.

If your safari includes having dinner in one of the luxury hotels, diner wear is essential to have. My advice for this would be that you consult your travel agent for advise on which hotels/lodges require specific attires for dinner/lunch/breakfast.

Pack your swim suit. Most of the hotels and lodges have swimming pools. You sure don’t want to miss out on a good time by the pool.

Ladies, pack a sports bra. You’ll thank me later.

  1. Medication

If you are on special medication, make sure to pack all your meds. Some of these meds might not be available in the countries you’re visiting in case you forget them. I also recommend that you carry preventive meds like anti-malaria and anti-fever tablets. Painkillers will also come in handy.

  1. Gadgets

Of course you cannot forget your phone. Other gadgets you need to carry include binoculars, tablet, camera, an iPod/music source and/or a laptop.  Most people remember all this but they forget to carry their chargers! Pack chargers for all your gadgets. Although some hotels may provide these chargers, this is not a bet you want to make. A power bank is also important just in case your phone or camera’s charge dries up in the jungle.

  1. Other essentials

-Remember to pack your toiletries; toothbrush, tooth paste, wipes and soap, bathing towel, towel and shower gel.

-Sunscreen of SPF 30.

-A book for those who love reading

Well, with these essential you are ready for your Africa safari. Enjoy your stay!

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